About Us


Hey, I mean, it can't get more absurd than this!

What is Parallell News?
News in parallel universes aren't even as ridiculous as whats going on in ours!

Founded on the 41st parallel, Parallell News is a parody news blog that takes the content of other news and blog outlets and twists the words around enough to highlight the absurdities and hypocritical nature of the original articles. (And yes, we are aware of the extra 'l' at the end.)

Parallell is strictly a parody blog and does not report on facts, nor do we cite sources for accuracy. It's all meant to poke fun.

The content on this site is strictly to provide entertainment and seeks to give you a few laughs (or increase your salt levels, that all depends on you.)

Who is behind Parallell News?

Parallell News is brought to you by Chainlink Productions.

Michael Persin - Founder, President, (and currently only writer)

Sustaining several blows to the head over the course of his childhood, Michael miraculously transformed from a dysfunctional retard to a creative genius. He still has his moments though, so go easy on him. He likes pizza and anime, and despises commie bastards.