After SCOTUS ruling, Texas assigns 200 Electors to Trump

SCOTUS landmark ruling allowed for individual states to arbitrarily change election laws. Despite the complaint brought up by Texas against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, with support of over 20 other states and over 100 conservatives, the 7-2 ruling declared that election laws are able to be freely changed at will without having to go through legislators.

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The original complaint by the state of Texas alleged that changing election laws by navigating outside the legislature process is unconstitutional and becomes a risk of fraud. The standing argument says that Texas, and the remaining states are affected by the result of the election if these key battleground states are allowed to bypass federally mandated procedures in changing election laws.

The SCOTUS, however, decided against hearing the case allegedly due to standing, meaning Texas did not provide a cohesive enough complaint to warrant going to the Supreme Court. In a bold protesting move, Texas took this as an opportunity to assign Donald Trump 200 electors, arguing that SCOTUS allowed states to arbitrarily change election laws at will. This places Trump ahead at 432 electoral votes, declaring him the President Elect of the 2020 election. --- Be sure to follow us on: Parler: @ParallellNews Gab: @Parallell_News