Andy Ngo Moved to Nature Preserve as Rare Breed of Journalism now an Endangered Species

Indie Journalist, Andy Ngo, was recently moved to a Colorado Nature Preserve as he was discovered to be a rare breed of journalist. Journalism has been labeled an Endangered Species by the World Wild Life organization, and there's been a growing effort to preserve journalists.

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Due to poaching, environmental pollution, and their lack of breeding, journalists were listed on the Endangered Species List back in 2010. Andy Ngo was an exceptional breed, capturing many live events no main stream news media would dare cover, even risking his life. Andy was found to have several injuries as a result of his reporting. The rare journalist will now reside in a Colorado Nature Preserve, who will be able to still Tweet and comment on live events with the BLM/ANTIFA protests with the safety of his new handlers.

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