ANTIFA Uses Bioterrorism to spread Covid-19 using "Poop Bombs"

American Terrorist organization, ANTIFA, has started using a new disgusting weapon in their goal to overthrow the American Government: Throwing "poop bombs" to spread Covid.

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These waste-filled balloons were witnessed being thrown at Portland police as they targeted another Federal building. Biological Weapons were banned since WWI by the international committee under the 1972 Convention, otherwise known as the Biological Weapons Convention or the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC). Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, this development has become even more alarming, as health experts say this will severely compromise healthy individuals. Ironically, the cities with the strictest of lockdowns for Covid-19 have had an increasing surge of ANTIFA activity. Health experts have recommended a quarantine, restricting travel to and from Portland in the midst of the pandemic as the terror cell continues to utilize bio-weapons. While President Trump's "Operation Legend" has currently arrested hundreds of these rioters, there have been talks of increasing charges to war-crime levels for ANTIFA/BLM members caught using these dirty tactics. Federal investigators have collected samples of the bio-waste and stated they will be conducting DNA tests to help find culprits, while remaining skeptical of the possibility it may have originated from sewer systems.

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