"Apologize to a Conspiracy Theorist" is Made a Natl. Holiday

A lot has been revealed throughout 2020. Election fraud, fraudulent Covid Cases, the Russia Hoax, 5G... However, nothing has been more damning than the World Economic Forum announcing their "Great Reset" plan, which is a globalist agenda for a one-world government. In this plan, these 'leaders' wish to use the alleged pandemic to crash the entire economy and start over, depopulating the world by sterilizing everyone with Covid vaccines and forcing people to be microchipped. With these revelations, a national US holiday was declared called "Apologize to a Conspiracy Theorist" day.

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Conspiracy Theorists were mocked for decades for 'crazy allegations' with 'no proof.' Often the emotional exacerbation caused by entertainers such as Alex Jones certainly only served to hurt the much needed messages the world needed to hear. However, with all those allegations coming to light, the Trump presidency thought it would only be justifiable to create a holiday celebrating them. To celebrate, put on your tin foil hat and take off that lousy mask!