Biden Passes away right before nomination, Leaving Kamala Harris as President Elect

Roughly 2 weeks after Biden was announced to be President Elect, he unfortunately had an aneurysm and passed away, leading Kamala Harris as acting President.

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Kamala Harris will now be inaugurated in place of Joe Biden after he recently passed away. Biden's deteriorating health was the primary factor leading to his death as investigators found no foul play. Doctors claim stress from the election also contributed to his passing.

Despite his passing and his dying wishes to "Reunite" everyone, angry liberals on Twitter are blaming Biden's death on Donald Trump and his supporters, initiating harassment campaigns and issuing death threats. Any attempts by the few remaining conservative users on Twitter have been silenced by the platforms automated censorship algorithm.

A later autopsy report also shown that Covid was found in Biden's system, as well as heavy doses of Meth and Fenatyl, which is suspected may have contributed to his death.

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