Black Lives Matter Creates New Language in Attempt to Remove all Traces of Racism

Active group, Black Lives Matter, have announced they will be creating a brand new language devoid of all racial, homophobic, and transphobic words. While definitions targeting White people will be retained (ie. KKKracker), this attempt to create a new language has the goal to completely eradicate all traces of racism from the human language, and in all culture.

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BLM announced this as a new project called "Black Language Matters". Leaders say they plan to take inspiration from various African languages to honor black heritage. First looks into the language seem to take inspiration from some popular media, such as the Orcish language in Warcraft, and even includes a mix of Klingon from Star Trek. Some small groups in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington have already started speaking this new language. A new bill for the state of Oregon and California called for the language to be regulated into teaching programs during kindergarten through grade 12. Trans activist, Sarah Lee Parker, announces xir's first book written completely in this new language, titled "REEE-Ghk 'Tar Ogr-Florgh", which is about a story of a black girl who becomes queen of a slave-trading kingdom (the slaves being white of course.) This book will be available on Amazon in Fall of 2021.

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