Black Panther Star Dies of Cancer, BLM blames police and Riots Again

Chadwick Baseman, lead actor of Black Panther, passed away at the age of 43 from complications of rectal cancer. The following evening, BLM riots intensified for believing it was caused by prison rape, pinning the blame, once again, on police.

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The actor kept his cancer a secret until his passing on Friday. While Chadwick has never been to prison, the BLM rioters insist it is at the fault of the police that he died, believing in a fiction where he was "repeatedly raped" after falsely put in prison. The rioters took this narrative and continued their looting and rioting in Portland, Chicago, and Seattle, while Kenosha simmered down after the National Guard arrived. Even new riots sprung up in California and at Disney World after the announcement of his death.

A Portland resident commented on the new riots.

These rioters are a bunch of morons. Not only do they riot every time a black criminal fights police, now they're starting to riot any time a black person dies. They started burning shit again after a dude commits suicide, now they're rioting because a guy dies of cancer. What will they blame cops on next? Old age? This is ridiculous.