Black Rifle Coffee releases "White Soy" Flavor after Kyle Rittenhouse Backlash

Black Rifle founders caved to socialist mobs after a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse was being spread wearing a t-shirt with their logo, pulling sponsorships from Blaze Media. Soon following, they announced a new Coffee Flavor to appease the liberal mob called "White Soy."

Sponsored by: Ekari Designs

This photo was being wide-spread after Kyle was released on $2 million bail, standing with attorney John Pierce and actor Ricky Schroder (who are also facing harassment.) The coffee company, formally a pro-2nd amendment business, now rescinds all advocacy of civil rights and now has started advocating for Communist control. Celebrating their new change of management and philosophy, Black Rifle Coffee announced a new coffee flavor called "White Soy."

The new flavor is said to contain fresh fecal matter from the homeless streets of Portland, mixed with transexual seminal fluids, and soy milk. The flavor is set to release on inauguration day, when the alleged president elect Joe Biden will take a dictatorship rule over America.