BLM Owes Money after Reparations Hearing, calculating Property Damage and Affirmative Action

Black Lives Matter protest lost a federal civil case against the US Government after demanding $72 Billion in reparations. Not only will they not receive reparations, but the movement will instead owe $4.4 Billion Dollars to taxpayers.

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This landmark decision carried about by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling, the activist organization Black Lives Matter owes taxpayer money. Thanks to a brilliant argument that's been spreading around online, the Supreme Court included factors that significantly nullified the monetary demands of the suing party. This included Affirmative Action, Racial College Grants, and Property Damage and Business Insurance that covered the mass riots carried out by the movement since its inception. Ironically, the property damage was the least costly factor. Ironically, the BLM movement justified the riots in Chicago as their "right", believing they are in their right to steal property and burn down buildings for the sake of reparations, and thought "business insurance will cover damages," unknowingly they would have to pay back those insurance claims. SCOTUS then ruled BLM has to pay back the $4.4 Billion in 2 years.

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