California Solves Rampant Pedophilia Crime by Removing Age of Consent

Californian lawmakers resolve a long history of criminal child sex abuse by completely removing age of consent. California law SB 145 passed the California Assembly 41-18, and the State Senate, 23-10.

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The bill introduced by registered sex offender, Senator Scott Weiner, effectively makes pedophilia legal in the sate of California. The law will effectively remove all age restrictions on sexual interactions. Despite the "Children Lives Matter" and #SaveSophie movements online, the law passed by a large majority rule.

Activists from the LGBTQ community have been protesting for weeks demanding for rights for "minor attracted persons", celebrating a big victory in California. Meanwhile, a mass exodus from California has been ongoing since the height of the BLM and ANTIFA riots, raging wildfires caused by gender reveal parties, and mayors threatening draconian Covid-19 measures. Californians have been escaping California and seeking refuge in states like Texas, which many are speculating these migrants will push similar pedo-positive legislation in conservative states.

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