Chicago Mayor Bans Police from Arresting her With "Peaceful" Protesters

An arrest warrant for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was made for grounds of corruption and treason. However, the mayor used "Peaceful Protesters" to prevent police from entering her neighborhood. Whistleblowers revealed the Chicago Mayor to be colluding with China to establish a Communist state inside her city using Rioter Groups, which quickly prompted an investigation.

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Unable to make their arrest, the Chicago police were held at a standoff as the ANTIFA/BLM rioters blocked entry to Lightfoot's home neighborhood. Several policemen were injured while 4 arrests have been made during the initial clash. Later that evening, a surge of gun violence erupted in a shootout with the police, 5 were reported dead, and 17 injured.

Lori responded to the attempted arrest:

"I have a right to make sure that your homes are in ruin while mine is secure!"

Chicago Police Chief David Brown warned that if Lightfoot doesn't surrender in the next 48 hours, the CPD will solicit assistance from the Federal Government to make the arrest, and increase charges against the derelict mayor, and charge all rioters interfering with federal level treason. While at this time Lightfoot refuses to step down and surrender, there will be an emergency election to be held to replace the mayor and store proper leadership to the city of Chicago. The date of which still pending.

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