Covid Vaccine Declared Safe by FDA, Despite the Side Effect of "Death"

The FDA declared the vaccine is "100% Safe." However, in a leaked document, the FDA discovered various side effects that may be caused from taking the vaccine.

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The document in question lists various side-effects of the Covid vaccine, from sterilization, autoimmune disease, paralyzation, seizures, stroke, and yes, death. Despite these warnings, governments around the world are desperately trying to push these "safe" vaccines onto their population. Andrew Cuomo, despite being a major critic of Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" plan, completely did a 180 and now is pushing to mandate vaccines for everyone in New York. Notably only Democratic run states and cities are only pushing for a similar mandate.

Europe too is trying to force these kinds of mandates. The UK for instance is experiencing "peaceful protests" after they announced forced vaccination.

Many critics have been demanding that vaccine manufacturers take full accountability for any and all vaccine injuries that may occur. Others are demanding that lawmakers take the vaccine first before they try to push it out onto the population.

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