Cuomo Grants himself Participation Trophy on "Good Job Handling Covid"

Following backlash of imposing more lockdowns, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, received the participation trophy by himself for "an outstanding job handling the Covid pandemic."

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The Governor has been under fire for the last 6 months for mandating rather questionable Covid policies. From locking down his nation, forcing Jews to halt their religious practices, and even sending sick patients into nursing homes, Cuomo came up with the brilliant idea to exonerate himself. With the participation trophy, Andrew feels he could relieve all criticism of his insane measures. Unfortunately for him, no one is convinced. The entire city of New York City lost over a million residents, evacuating after crime skyrocketed as a result of defunding the police, on top of restricted lockdowns. As obvious as it may seem, Andrew Cuomo admitted this scheme was meant as an attempt to restore any remaining credibility he has.