Epstein Flight Logs Released. Twitter Upset Trump Wasn't Involved

The Ghislaine Maxwell legal fight has resulted in the public release of thousands of documents. Key of which included flight logs to Epistein's notorious resort tied to a high class pedophilia ring.

The flight logs implicated many highly influential people and celebrities, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Tom Hanks, and many more. One person Twitter was expecting to be on board was President elect Donald Trump, in fact, was not on the list to Epstein's Pedo Island. This caused a hashtag to go utterly viral, #BillClintonIsAPedo . Twitter, however, was in a frenzy, trying to delete tweets and manipulate the trend with salacious tweets about Trump. Many of the far leftists tried so hard to make it about Trump, they kept repeating Trump's quote "I wish Ghislaine Maxwell Well" (ignoring the fact that he wants to ensure she won't kill herself like how Epistein didn't.) However, the rational community was here to stay, making it well known that Bill Clinton is indeed a kiddie diddler. Unfortunately, all of Twitter is now on Suicide Watch after the documents have been leaked.

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