Goodyear Sends Free Tires to ANTIFA/BLM Rioters

Goodyear has decided to assist ANTIFA/BLM rioters by providing free tires and vehicle service for the revolutionary movement. As federal agents target riot support vehicles, causing damage to tires and making them inoperable, Goodyear decided to offer their assistance to the Communist revolutionaries.

Sponsored by: Ekari Designs

After Goodyear's activist policies were leaked, there's been a major boycott after President Trump blasted the company. Their stock prices dropped, and their public statement was flimsy at best. Even a leaked audio recording exposed a Goodyear manager for saying "No MAGA" hats, while at the same time allowing expression of certain political opinions.

After financial investors from China were then exposed to the tire company, Goodyear decided to play bold and directly offer free tires and vehicular service to any ANTIFA/BLM members during their riots and terrorism over Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

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