Hero 17 Year Old awarded Medal of Honor for Defeating Communism in Kenosha, WI

17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was awarded with the Medal of Honor for defending his homeland from Communist Insurrection in Kenosha Wisconsin.

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A large BLM/ANTIFA insurrection has grown in Kenosha Wisconsin after criminals started rioting after a convicted criminal was shot by police after resisting arrest. The domestic insurrection group burned down several local businesses, including a furniture store and a local hobby shop. The local hero, Kyle Rittenhouse, was fearful of these riots happening within 25 minutes away from where he lived. Deciding to take action, he went out with a duty to protect his fellow citizens and their businesses from these domestic terrorists. However, the young man was confronted in 3 separate attempts to take his life. The first instance, one threw what seemed to be a Molotov in a bag, one knocked him to the ground and assaulted him with a skateboard, while in the same scene a felon was armed with a handgun. 2 of the three were murdered, all of which had criminal convictions of violence, and one formerly arrested for rape.

While the media was set up in a frenzy, and the state attempted to convict Kyle of 1st degree murder, Donald Trump has decided to exonerate the young hero and award him a medal of honor for going beyond the call of duty.

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