House Democrats Pass Bill to Sell the US to China

In a final ditch effort to divert control away from the Trump administration, democrats in Washington have passed a bill through the House of Representatives to sell the US to mainland China.

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Originated from Nanci Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, the "SUCKA" act (Sell US to China & Kill Americans) seeks to wipe out all debt to China in exchange of giving China direct control over the United States. The bill also states China has the right to do anything they desire with the citizens, including installing concentration camps and committing genocide, like they did with the Uighur Muslims. Nancy spoke about what inspired this bill.

"We cannot risk a trade war with China, and Trump has done an abysmal job at handling foreign relations with them. I believe this is the best chance we have at restoring any lost faith with our communist friends."

This bill left American politicians in an uproar, the Senate vowing to turn down the bill. While Californian Economists say this will be a big boost to the economy, Americans have started a witch hunt for Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, pitchforks and torches lined up the white house in mass protest against this bill. Meanwhile, ANTIFA counter-protesters were seen in support of the communist takeover, an attempt to hijack the protest turned into an all out brawl.

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