Hunter Biden was Ejected for "Acting Kinda Sus"

Hunter Biden was "acting kinda sus" after leaks of his dealings with foreign entities surfaced. This lead government official to eject Joe Biden's son out of an airlock Tuesday morning.

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Current investigation against Hunter Biden revealed he has been involved in money laundering schemes and potentially election fraud after communicating with leaders in Ukraine as well as a Russian billionaire (ironically after Democrat leaders have been accusing Trump of these same dealings.)

Donald Trump called an emergency meeting with staffers after his observations were announced stating,

"Idk Hunter you're acting kinda sus, I say we vote him."

In a split 4-3 vote, with 3 members who skipped, Hunter Biden was promptly thrown out of the airlock. While there still remains at least 1 more impostor, the Trump Administration shares confidence in completing all tasks before the November election. Congress is considering voting out Nancy Pelosi next for threatenting to further disrupt President Trump's constitutional duties for filling the Supreme Court Seat after Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away.