Independent Polls Struggle to find a Single Biden Voter

A new Independent Poll carried out by an apolitical polling company has shockingly revealed that not a single person plans on voting for Joe Biden.

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The polling company, named "Popular Populi" usually is tasked to poll for businesses who sell toys, games, and merchandise. However, they took their first step to the political ring with a single polling question: "Who are you voting for?" Receiving over 15,000 responses over the course of a month, to their disbelief, not a single response came back with Joe Biden selected in either of the 3 options: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or other. The poll released showed 94% voted for Donald Trump, 3% voted for Kanye West, 2% for Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen, and 1% spread out across dozens of other fill-in candidates.

Popular Populi President Mark McCurth, commented on the discovery.

I believe it could be one of two possibilities. One, no one knows Joe Biden is running. He hasn't campaigned at all throughout this entire month, nor has he really did any rallies in any swing states. Or two, he's just that unpopular with the American people. I don't blame them. Who want's to vote for someone who will increase taxes to over a trillion dollars, or who wants to defund the police?
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