Israel is Starting Shit in the Middle East Again, Goes to War with Syria & Blows up Lebanon

Israel started a war with Syria, shortly following blowing up a big chunk of Beirut, using new explosive technology dubbed "Nuclear Firework".

The terrorist attack left almost 100 dead, and 4000 injured, blowing up a warehouse at a Beirut. The media insists it was an "accident", but whistleblowers backing president are saying otherwise.

Videos of the explosion went viral, causing a media storm of the incident. A perfect distraction from Israel committing more war crimes.

The new technology developed by Israeli engineers created a much more cost effective version of a nuclear warhead.

DHS later found a shipment of these same fireworks delivered to an unmarked van in Portland. Activists were apprehended after handing out these explosives, presumed to be used for a "peaceful" nuking of the federal courthouse.

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