Man Sent to Death for Heinous Crime of Talking to Women

Californian man, Dennis Mavien was sentenced to death today at 1:00 PM. Dennis was found guilty of the horrific crime of approaching a random woman for an unsolicited conversation back on June 19, 2020.

Victim, Nicole Bautista, recalls her traumatic experience: "He must've been stalking me for like... 5 minutes to an hour. He then walked in front of me and said 'Hi'. I swear my life flashed before my eyes! I thought he was going to rape me...or worse...have a conversation!" According to California State Police, and the California State Feminist Force, Dennis Mavien had a long history of talking to women in public. CSFF Captain, Kayleigh Suez comments: "Men are a danger to society for women and minorities, and the execution of this dangerous, toxic male is only a small step in achieving a safer future for our daughters. DEATH TO MEN!"

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