Minnesota Freedom Fund backers charged with Aiding and Abetting Terrorists

In a recent announcement by the Department of Justice, anyone who backed the Minnesota Freedom Fund may be charged with aiding and abetting terrorists as federal investigation reveals it was used to bail out criminals charged with domestic terrorism.

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The Minnesota Freedom Fund was a non-profit organization with the stated goal of freeing protesters wrongfully detained, alleging their first amendment rights were violated. After a federal investigation revealed that this "freedom fund" was instead used to bail out violent criminals instead, the Trump administration announced they may be prosecuting the non-profit, as well as anyone who has donated more than $10 to the cause.

The investigation was conducted over a 2 month period, sometime after the George Floyd riots started. Over $100 Million was donated to the organization as of date, with prominent leftist voices using their social media platforms to announce their support for the organization. This included big-name celebrities, prominent sport league players, and even YouTubers and Politicians. All of these big names may be indicted under criminal funding for domestic terrorism after ANTIFA/BLM was classified as a terrorist organization after 3 months of burning, looting, and murder. This may include Seth Rogan, Steve Carrell, Don Cheadle, Patton Oswalt, and many more. The Trump Administration announced they will start indicting these backers over the weekend.

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