New Scale can Measure up to Graham's Number

A new scale created by Harvard students have achieved the impossible: a scale that can calculate the weight of an object in Grahams Number of pounds.

Grahams number is a number so obnoxiously large that to write the number out on paper, you would require more material than the entire universe can provide. Graham's Number is commonly symbolized as 3↑↑n, otherwise a 101 digit number. The Harvard students aimed to create a scale that would aid with structural engineering, and possibly assist with building enormous structures intended for space, such as satelites and rockets. The scale uses a new quantum computing method with the aid of nano-technology to achieve insurmountable weight capacities. The Nobel Prize Committee is scheduled to reward the team of 6 student engineers within the coming week. Production of this scale is currently underway. The scale will be available on Black Friday, which will be the perfect Christmas gift to buy your mother.

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