New Study Finds 90% of BLM Protests peaceful, After Redefining the term "Peaceful".

A new study found that BLM Protestets were mostly peaceful, redefining the term "peaceful."

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Multiple leftist media outlets are reporting that the BLM Riots are "mostly peaceful" after excluding ample amounts of evidence of destruction and violence caught by independent journalists recording live at the epicenters of these riots. The study they're quoting seemed to have left out the important detail that "peaceful" was redefined to exempt property damage, arson and mob-level harassment. Attempts to secede portions of American land to communist pseudo-states also were excluded from this study.

The study also fails to mention that listed "Battles" happen to be only counted so low due to the fact that democrat mayors refusing to allow police departments perform their sworn duty to "Serve and Protect," and redefined any civilians with any slightly conservative views as "enemies of the state," which of course helps push the "peaceful" narrative.