Obama Indicted for Negligent Homicide over H1N1 Deaths

While critics of Trump are demanding he be held accountable for the deaths of those who suffered from Covid-19, Federal prosecutors have indicted former president Barack Obama for his mishandling of the h1n1 pandemic.

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H1N1 caused an estimate of 18,000 in the US during his administration. While this seems pale in comparison to the alleged 150,000 deaths labeled by Covid, there's still lots of speculation on the accuracy of current day reporting of Covid, as many reports are grossly inflating the Covid death count by mislabeling deaths. For instance, Florida hospitals were caught reporting a false "100%" infection rate for tested users, while other Americans have reported receiving positive test results when they walked out before testing began. Obama is reported to hear at the Supreme Court on October 23rd. If found guilty of negligent homicide, this may open a potentially more devastating case against current president Donald Trump.

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