Officers Exonerated After George Floyd's Asphyxiation Resulted from Choking on Drugs

Judge exonerated all officers at the murder trial of George Floyd after released footage helps prove George Floyd died of choking on drugs.

The newly released bodycam footage showed George Floyd attempting to swallow drugs after noticing officers approaching his vehicle.

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Fentanyl and Meth were found in plastic bags that George Floyd attempted to swallow at the event of his arrest, lodged deep inside his throat. The were also discovered in his system at dangerous amounts according to a recent toxicology report. This aligns with the released bodycam footage of the officers, as George Floyd coughed "I Can't Breathe," while sitting in his own car, and expression frantic and highly erratic behavior. The autopsy report later revealed that Darren Chun's knee did not cause any traumatic damage nor was it the cause of Floyd's death of asphyxiation. Despite the ample evidence, and the judge's ruling showing Darren Chun and the rest of the officers were not racially targeting a man for being black, BLM rioters are still burning down cities.

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