Portland Residents Have had Enough! Local Armed Militia Mows Down Rioters with live Ammo

ANTIFA Terrorists finally broke the camels back as they invaded a residential neighborhood, as a local militia group marched in with AR-15s and other firearms and unloaded live ammunition.

Portland rioters vandalized and harassed a woman staying in her home when the domestic terrorists arrived, attempting to blind her with lasers and threatening physical violence. The locals have had enough, seeing the poor woman defenseless and came to her aid, armed with weapons and firing upon the ANTIFA group. 15 were critically injured and 4 were killed before the mob dispersed. When interviewed, the armed militia stated tensions were rising as more innocent bystanders were being targeted for assault, including drivers. Since Portland has successfully defunded the police, by ANTIFA's demands, no arrests have been made after the incident. The Militia group then stated they are willing and ready to assist federal and local law enforcement in apprehending these terrorists and preventing further damage to their communities.

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