Protesters to Paint "Children Lives Matter" on Hollywood Blvd

"Children Lives Matter," a protest wing of the "All Lives Matter" (ALM) movement recently received approval from Los Angeles City to paint their message on Hollywood Boulevard.

Since the criminal investigations involving Epstein and Maxwell have been escalating, more concerned Americans have taken the streets, demanding justice for exploited children. Hollywood has been long accused of housing sexual exploitation of minors, and has been under the scrutiny of conspiracy theorists for decades. While we cannot attest to the validity of these claims against Hollywood, rumors have popped up that Ghislaine Maxwell's "list" will implicate many actors and actresses. If Maxwell loses her appeal on Federal Judge Loretta Preska's order to unseal her documents, it may tell us exactly who's responsible. Since the announcement of this mural, LAPD have reported a skyrocket amount of suicides, increasing by roughly 250% over the past few weeks. All victims were apparently highly wealthy, with an average annual income of $9.8 million among them. Detectives have also investigated the possibility of these suicides being staged, thanks to a lead who goes by Billary Lincton.

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