Proud Boys Membership now Comes with AR-15 and Free Ammo Subscription!

The American Proud Boys recently announced they will now be giving out AR-15s to their members upon joining. After violence of ANTIFA in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and even Washington DC, the Proud Boys now began announcing a new self-protection campaign to support their movement.

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The Proud Boys has several chapters across the United States. After increasing gun sales resulting from increased tension and violence coming from far-leftist terror groups such as ANTIFA and BLM, this group decided to take on a more militia role with its new move to arm American citizens. New and current members will now expect a delivery of an AR-15 self defense rifle, and will receive a 50 round box of ammo every month.

Members can upgrade for a subscription fee to get access to a Glock which will grant an additional ammo box of 9mm rounds every month.

This new membership program will launch right Christmas.

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