Rioters Destroy SF after Police Kills Zombie

Zombie Rights group ignites a night of riots in downtown San Francisco after body cam footage was released of a cop putting down a zombie. Darren Voyne's case was dismissed after jury acquitted his alleged crime of 1st degree murder.

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Officer Darren Voyne was taken to criminal court, allegedly committing first degree murder against a zombie. Court documents and body cam footage showed the zombie was charging at the officer with violent intent, leading to the case being thrown out. This did not please zombie rights activists as they started riots following that evening. Over 40 rioters were arrested, however were promptly released by the DA.

The right to self-defense is under constant attack in the US and California, San Fransisco soon to vote on a new law, SB-23, that prohibits citizens and law enforcement from causing harm to zombies, even in the event they are attacked. The Trump Administration is considering an executive order to combat the growing legal bombardment against self-defense, which may exonerate those under such criminal investigation, such as Kyle Rittenhouse for defending Kenosha, WI from a horde of zombies with his AR-15.