Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies of Covid, Riots Ignite

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died of Covid (or cancer, no one seems to know anymore...) at the age of 89. Extremists riot, once again not knowing who they're rioting for.

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Democratic leaders are calling for extreme action on behalf of their supporters, calling for riots and destruction after their Supreme Court justice died. The only surprise to this story is she died not of police, but of Covid (or cancer, or natural causes, all the same thing according to at least 94% of covid deaths that were miscounted.) The Trump administration declared they will be seeking to fill her seat for the sake of having a tie breaker for the upcoming election, otherwise the seats will remain an even number which can cause further confusion on such an important decision. The left, as always, is upset. The majority of the outrage admits not even knowing who Ruth Bader Ginsberg was or what she stood for, including support of racism in colleges and reducing sentences for child rapists.

ANTIFA and BLM started again rioting in various Democrat-run cities in the US, this time taking more direct action in invading peoples houses and property. The only negotiation ANTIFA and BLM demand is that the justice would be selected by Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, totally not to skew decisions in their favor.