The Last of Us 2 Wins Award from Organization that Doesn't Play Video Games

Sham Organization that doesn't play video games decided to give a video game the award for "Best Game of 2020." The Golden Joystick Awards is run by 'video game journalists' who have never touched a video game controller in their lives.

Sponsored by: Ekari Designs

The Last of Us 2 fell far off mark from it's predecessor in terms of story telling and character development. The gameplay, while improved upon the previous installment, did not do enough to outweigh the poor decision making of spoiling fan-favorite characters and shoveling new ones down their throats.

Objectively more superior games were nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards, games such as Doom: Eternal, Sekiro, and others. Upon investigation, the votes were tallied using Dominion Voting Systems, the same voting system used to tabulate the 2020 election, as well as every election that kept Chavez in power in Venezuela.