Thousands Convert to Flat-Earthers after NASA Redefines "offensive" Cosmic Terms

There's been a big wave of people converting to the side of flat-earth theory after another organization, NASA, decided to redefine innocuous terms no one asked them to change.

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NASA recently announced in a 'virtuous' effort to combat racism, sexism, and homophobia, have decided to rename various terms to prevent offense. This decision was made in the wake of the BLM and ANTIFA riots have been destroying cities in America for over 80 Days. Some of the terms include changing "Black Hole" into "African American Hole" and "Eskimo Nebula" to "Eskimo System." Meanwhile, the Flat-Earth movement has gained a sudden surge of adopters in the wake of this social justice move by NASA. Many, including reputable scientists, are "fed up" with the corrupted space agency, stating that NASA means "Never a Straight Answer." Many of the new members reported that they felt the Flat Earth movement was more welcoming and inclusive, as ironically opposed to main-stream cosmology.

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