Trump Campaign to sell Kayleigh McEnany "Waifu" Body Pillows

Keeping the heat up as election day closes in, the Trump campaign has announced they will be selling Kayleigh McEnany body pillows after popular demand surges.

Sponsored by: Ekari Designs

Kayleigh McEnany has notoriously shut down many journalists, calling them out on manipulating narratives and leaving Trump's statements out of context. She has become "The MAGA Waifu" in the eyes of many Trump supporters. Since her press briefings have surged in popularity, the Trump campaign brilliantly announced they will be selling Kayleigh McEnany body pillows. This campaign decision is designed to attract a lot of anime loving hobbyists and the younger voters, which may act as a well for first time voters to vote for Trump in the November election. The body pillow will feature a tasteful anime drawing of Kayleigh McEnany on both front and back, and will be set at the price of $59.99. The body pillow is currently available for pre-order on Trump's campaign website, and will start shipping on September 24th.

They also declared that proceeds will go to aiding people and businesses who were hurt by the BLM/ANTIFA riots.