Trump Reverses Stance on School Closures, Citing Communist Propaganda Problem

The Trump Administration, as well as child psychiatric experts, were adamant of re-opening schools and ending the Corona Virus lockdowns for children to return to school, citing education and socialization is of critical importance for the development of children. However, disturbing accounts have been revealed by concerned parents of horrific indoctrination of their children, leading President Trump to reverse his stance on opening schools until this issue is resolved.

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Parents have taken to social media to spread awareness of insidious measures by public schools to indoctrinate children with propaganda that paints white students as criminals, and victimized black and mexican students. Tweets made by user "GrantB911" show an English book that shows clearly BLM propaganda being brought to his daughter, and to other students.

Her first “English” lesson of the year is teaching her that white people are bad, mean & racist against African-Americans & Mexicans.

The "English" lesson mentioned shows a Mexican student being bullied by a white student telling her "Go back to the Mexican school! You don't belong here!" This was followed up by graphic imagery of racial justice protests during the 1950s-60s.

America has been well past this institutionalized racist era, yet many Americans still live in a past they never even experienced themselves individually, thanks to the flames being fanned by BLM Rioters and Democratic leaders who enable their destructive behavior.

Donald Trump, in response, has stated he will be considering an executive order to keep schools closed down until all traces of such propaganda is removed from all nationwide school curriculums. Ironically, leftist politicians began to backtrack their initial stance on closing schools, now demanding they open amidst the Presidents announcement. The Nashville school who showedhas yet to comment.

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