Trump's Legal Team Releases *Actual* Kraken in Wake of Election Fraud

Trump's legal team announced a week ago they will be 'releasing the kraken,' alleging huge amounts of evidence of voter fraud of the 2020 election. Surprisingly, Sidney Powell, lawyer part of Trump's Legal Team, meant that literally as a 50 ft Kraken was summoned from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Currently the Kraken seems to be making a v-line for Washington DC as terror group known as ANTIFA is attempting to raid the White House. While the Proud Boy militia group is holding the line, the White House announced reinforcements in the form of the Lovecraftian creature.

Unfortunately, cities and rual areas in it's path are currently being demolished. However, Homeland Security estimates the total property damage will still be less than the 6-8 months of riots caused by the domestic terrorist organization. US Intelligence claims the giant creature will arrive in DC within 3 days.