Tucker Carlson Demands Proof, Denies Sky is Blue.

Tucker Carlson went on a tirade on Fox News during his segment, arguing that Trump's legal team has "yet to provide legitimate proof" of the sky being blue.

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Despite anyone being able to look up into the sky using their very own eyes, some people like Tucker Carlson still remain skeptical that the sky is in fact blue. Tucker called one of Trump's Lawyers, Sidney Powell, demanding that she shows 'proof' that the sky is blue.

"It was quite shocking how rude he was. I offered photos of the sky, I even told him to go outside and look for himself. But Tucker rather would just make himself look like a clown than do any real investigative journalism and just look with his own eyes." - Sidney Powell

Since Tucker Carlson's news hit the air, Fox's ratings started to plummet along with Carlson's viewership. Many fans started resorting to OANN and Newsmax TV for journalistic integrity after the blunder.

For more proof of why the Sky is Blue, please visit: https://hereistheevidence.com/