Twitter to Shut Down in Attempt to Prevent Spread of Truth

Twitter has announced it will shut its platform after the truth of its election meddling came to light. After many attempts of censoring conservatives and factual reports of election fraud, Twitter caved in and decided to cut off all communication in a final effort to push a Democrat victory.

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Twitter first targeted isolated incidents of fact reporting by censoring various allegedly conservative users. It escalated into censoring news outlets and even the President himself after wide-spread reports of voter fraud came to light.

A government investigation by the Justice Department revealed that website admins were ordered to artificially inflate hashtags to stage trends, shadow-banning certain accounts, selectively banning certain accounts for alleged policy violations, and even manipulating certain politically leaning Tweets to appear on the feed and hiding others. The probe disclosed a bunch of documents, from e-mails to financial statements relating to this biased levels of censorship, including deals offered by Netflix to allow advertising their Child Porn, "Cuties", on Twitter.

Twitter Execs have failed to compromise with federal demands to stop violating their own terms, and have elected to shut down their platform instead of correcting these erroneous measures. The platform is scheduled to shut down on December 9th.

Since Twitter is know leaving us, Parallell has elected to move towards lead competitor, Parler. Feel free to follow us over there using the following link!

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