Zero Riots after CDC admits 94% of Covid Deaths Retracted

CDC subtly admitted that only 6% of Covid related deaths were reported to be accurate, while 94% of alleged Covid-Caused deaths in fact had an average of 2.7 comorbidities, such as having a gunshot wound to the forehead.

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No surprise, the entire world goes on oblivious to the CDC's admission to these faulty mistakes. In fact, there was little to no reaction when Florida was caught inflating their Covid infection numbers. There also have been no reaction when many Americans have received false reports claiming they have been infected, when in fact, they were never tested.

Despite what should be obvious proof to end the lockdowns and re-open businesses, cities are still deciding to lock down over a disease with a 99.94% chance of survival, a higher chance than the common flu.

Instead of choosing to fight against tyrannical lockdown measures that have pushed many into poverty, Americans are instead continuing to riot over the deaths of violent and drug addicted criminals.